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      There are two advantages of doing some light research before you head to Cancun. The first is to establish a level of expectations before your feet hit the tarmac. It's nice to know a little about any destination before arriving, and this rule holds up well for Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula.

      The second reason for brushing up on Cancun before you head south is to get a general idea of your options once you arrive. Since your vacation time is probably somewhat limited, establishing some of your general priorities before your vacation clock starts clicking is a great way to maximize your Cancun getaway. Reviewing the Cancun Expo web site inside and out is a great first step!

      A word of caution here. Although having a general idea of what you want to do while you are in Cancun is a good idea, it's smart to keep your other options open as well. Some of the funnest things that happen to people on vacation are things that never could have been planned. Go with the flow!

      For more good information drop by the DO'S AND DONT'S,   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   and CARLOS FIESTA'S HOT TIPS sections of Cancun Expo




      It's just too easy these days to capture the memories of your Cancun vacation. We're not talking high quality photographs here, we're talking fun pictures. The kind you get with those throw away cameras you can buy for $10 at the Walgreen's. We don't need no stinking digital cameras!

      These cheap cameras add a lot to a Cancun getaway. In addition to capturing some of the fun and special moments during your getaway that you might have forgotten later on, cameras do something else just as important. They act as a catalyst for spontaneous events during various stages of your trip. Quick group pictures with your old friends on the beach, new friends gathering for cocktails during dinner, or a fun photo of the vendor trying to sell you a Corona Cervsea straw hat. These photos may not seem like much at the time, because you are in the middle of it all. But when you get home and are back to your work-a-day drama, these pics are fun to look at on your desk or at home.

      If you are in any way thinking about getting wet on this trip, spend the extra $3.00 and buy the "waterproof" version of these throw-away cameras. These are excellent for pool and ocean pictures, and are usually good to 12 feet depths! They also come in handy if you spill your margarita on it during happy hour!

      Cheap cameras are not good for far away scenery shots. If you are really into photography and want to capture Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula in all of it's glory, a good digital camera or a film camera (do they still sell those things?) can be a lot of fun in this part of Mexico's Caribbean.



      One of the great things about Cancun is the acceptance of U.S. currency. Everywhere you go dollars are accepted, and even encouraged. The only problem you might experience with U.S. dollars is the lack of change from some vendors or services for larger bills such as $20's and $50's.

      Seasoned Cancun aficionados know that, before you leaving home, a quick trip to the bank to break down some of the larger vacation bills into $1's, $5's and $10's is a smart move. You'll be surprised how often you will dip into these smaller bills throughout the course of your Cancun trip.

      Once you have armed yourself with small bills you are prepared for almost anything! From grabbing a couple of cold beers at the market, tipping the guy who drove you from the airport, or stopping at a taco stand for a quick fish taco, these smaller bills will make your life in Paradise easy and care free.



      If I've seen this scenario once, I've seen it a dozen times. After a fun adventure in Mexico sun-dazed tourists are back at the airport getting ready to fly home, shuffling through all of their bags trying to find their Tourist Card to get checked in at the counter.

      Even if you have your proof of citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate) you will not be able to check in to fly home without presenting the Tourist Card that was stamped when you first got off the plane. Obtaining a new one will cost you time and money, and chances are good that you will miss your scheduled flight home.

      Planning ahead is not difficult, and will save you a lot of headaches later on. Just assume that you will be numb and stupid when returning home from Cancun, and plan this move in advance. Before you leave home, look at your luggage and define a location in your bags where you will keep your Passport and Tourist Card. This should be a location that will not receive a lot of activity during your daily vacation routine. And then after you have landed in Cancun and Immigration has looked at your Passport and stamped your Tourist Card, put these documents in that special location. You'll have one less thing to worry about while on vacation!

      For more good information drop by the TOURIST CARDS section of Cancun Expo.



      Most people bring enough money to Cancun to be able to have a good time, plus a credit card or two when cash is not as convenient. Traveler's Checks are also an option, but for short trips are probably unnecessary. Planning you cash needs in advance can go along way towards your vacation piece of mind.

      If you are headed out of your hotel for a day of fun in Cancun, there is really no need to bring along all of your cash and wallet. There is a much greater chance of loosing your cash when your are out and about in a new town, and minimizing your exposure is just smart money management.

      Try to leave most of what you don't need secure in your room, and head out into the world with only what you will be using for that day. Seasoned travelers often bring along a secondary 'stash bag' to hold their daily cash needs, a credit card, and maybe a pen and small notepad. This will allow you to have all of the fun you want while minimizing your risk of loss.



      Too many people trying to enjoying a Cancun getaway end up in pain on the second day because they forgot to use sunscreen before heading out into the sun. The sun in the Tropics is more intense than the sun back at home, and it doesn't take long to get fried and put a dent in your trip.

      A great habit to get in to is to get lotioned up every morning before heading out of your hotel for your daily fun. If you do a good job with sunscreen in the morning you can enjoy the rest of your day without worry. The peace of mind alone is well worth it!

      If you are considering spending any time at all in the pool or in the ocean, do yourself a favor and lather up with a good 'waterproof' sunblock. Carlos Fiesta has tested many different types of waterproof sunscreen over the years and is sold on "Bullfrog" waterproof lotion. One good coat and you are set for a whole day of water activities!

      For more good information drop by the SUNTIPS section of Cancun Expo.



      As much as these people may seem annoying sometimes, they are a reality in Cancun and must be contended with. However just a few simple ideas will go a long way towards making your Cancun getaway 'vendor free'. Remember, your vacation time is valuable, and a half hour chatting with these nice folks is one half hour less you can spend poolside, snorkeling or eating nachos!

      Regarding timeshare solicitors...take control. These friendly (usually young and attractive) people are providing a legitimate service, but don't let them take up any of your valuable vacation time (unless you have been to Cancun before and really want to own a slice of Paradise!). When approached, avoid direct eye contact and simply say "No thank you" and keep walking. If they are doing their job right they will try again to get you to stop and talk. And if you are doing your job right you will keep walking. No harm, no foul, everybody remains happy!

      Take a similar approach to local vendors who are walking around selling hats, baskets, plates, blankets and that miniature Superman with a parachute. These people also offer a valuable and legitimate service, and if you really want to buy something these folks are usually quite pleasant to deal with. But if you are all shopped out when they walk up to you simply say "No thank you" and get back to drinking your Mango Margarita. Don't worry, these people will keep walking until they find somebody who is really ready to buy!

      For more good information drop by the TIMESHARES section of Cancun Expo.



      Shopping is one of the really fun aspects of visiting Cancun, so it helps to understand a few basic ground rules. As a general rule of thumb, the more formal the shopping environment the less excited they are going to be about bargaining with you.

      If you are shopping in a venue that appears to lend itself towards negotiating, such as the vendors on the beach or some of the smaller curious shops in town, your goal goes beyond just getting a good deal. It's also a nice idea if you can be a good human being in the process. Life is short, don't be another ugly tourist.

      Again as a rule of thumb, you aren't going to get too many vendors upset by starting off your negotiating with a price of approximately one half of their original asking price. After they quote you their initial price your first words should usually be in the form of a question... "fifteen dollars???" Expect the bantering process to go back and forth 4 or 5 times before you will get close to their bottom dollar. Remember, your goal is to get a good price for the object you are interested in, not to insult the vendor or waste their time. If you are not really interested in an object it's probably best not to get the negotiating process started in the first place. Keep it light and fun and it will be a good experience for everybody!



      To start off, we recommend you do your best to take care of any phone calls you can before you head to Cancun. After all, you are on vacation! Having said that, we understand that sometimes it is important to touch base with the folks back home, the office or a client.

      Whatever you do, do not make you phone calls from the convenient telephones located throughout town that have a sign above them saying "Simply Dial 0" to call the U.S. These gangsters can charge as much as $5 to $8 per minute, which is a rip off. Leave those telephones for the tourists who don't read Cancun Expo.

      The least expensive way to phone home is to find a small market with a sign outside that says "Large Distancia" (Long Distance). These shop owners usually charge about $1.50 per minute and the quality of the call is generally very good. Using the Telmex phone booths around town is another option. By purchasing a $5 phone card, these phones will connect you to ATT (dial 001 (800) 462-4240) where you can charge it to your ATT calling card or to a credit card.

      For more good information drop by the TELEPHONES section of Cancun Expo.



      Yes Cancun is a fantastic destination with lots to see and do. But inevitably when you talk to people who had a great time in Cancun, more often than not some of the best times came from interactions with the new people they met along the way.

      From the moment you get to the airport you will have the opportunity to meet with people who share a common goal...fun! Look for something to talk about...a T-shirt with a familiar logo, fishing poles getting checked in at the airport counter, even old fashion discussions about the weather can open up the door to great conversations.

      These same rules apply in Cancun, only your opportunities are now increased a hundred fold. People on the beach, in restaurants and bars, everywhere you go there are other travelers who just want to have a good time. Practicing your 'Spanglish' with the local vendors is also fun and a great way to start up a vacation friendship!


    • GET WET!

      Most people can think of a dozen reasons why they don't want to put on their bathing suit and go in the ocean or swim in the pool. "Too fat, too un-tan, can't swim, don't want to get my hair wet..." the list goes on. But in Cancun these excuses just don't hold water (sorry). The pools are just too much fun and the ocean is just too calm, clean and warm to stay out.

      If you do your Cancun getaway the right way, you will be less concerned about what the other people think about you and more concerned about making great memories that you can take home with you. Besides, you're not going to be seeing any of these people again, so don't sweat it!

      Haven't had a chance to snorkel lately? Parasail? Sit on a stool at a swim-up bar and suck on a Pina Colada? Let your hair down and go for it. You can always get dressed up in the evening when you go out for cocktails and dinner! Besides, before you know it you'll be back at home stuck behind that desk again. Do it while you have the chance!



      This is a tough one. You have finally arrived in paradise and you want to do it all and you want to do it all NOW! Well Skippy, we know where you are coming from, but going full-on as soon as you get off the plane can put a hitch in your get-a-long for the remainder of your trip.

      Where do most Cancun visitors go overboard? 4 main areas...SUN, FOOD, COCKTAILS and (lack of) SLEEP. Any one of these in excess can slow you down and put a dent in your dimentia. Indulging in all 4 of these can be downright dangerous!

      The best plan of attack to get the most out of your Cancun getaway is to start slow and build up. If you are fried, stuffed, hungover and tired when they pour you back on the plane to go home...that can be the sign of a fun vacation. But try to avoid having this happen on your second day in Cancun!


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