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    Cancun is no longer a sleepy fishing village. It now ranks up there with the biggest resorts in the world! No need to start your learning curve while you are on vacation. Carlos Fiesta can help you with many of your questions before you leave home!



    We are planning a trip to Cancun, and my wife is considering bringing a large portion of our vacation funds in pesos. Is this really necessary? - Robert



    You can tell your wife to relax. She will probably use as many pesos in Cancun as she would on a vacation to Miami. Almost all local businesses in Cancun deal in U.S. dollars, although larger denominations such as $50's and $100's can sometimes be a problem if the vendor does not have change. Tell your wife to forget about pesos and stock up on sunscreen! - Carlos Fiesta



    Do you think it is necessary to rent a car in Cancun. We are planning on staying in the Hotel Zone, but don't want to miss anything! - Matt



    Most people who visit Cancun do not rent cars. If you are staying in the Hotel Zone, you will be within walking distance to beaches, restaurants and shopping. If you decide to sign up for an excursion to a nearby attraction, transportation is usually included. If you do decide you want to break away in your own vehicle for a day or two, car rental agencies are available in many hotels in the Hotel Zone. Also, taxis are everywhere in Cancun and are a cheap way to hop around the island or to visit downtown Cancun. - Carlos Fiesta



    My husband and I are going to Cancun for our anniversary. He is concerned about the possibility of getting sick from the food or water, which is what happened to him in Puerto Vallarta. Will this be a problem? - Betsy



    Mexico has come a long way since the days when many tourists got sick from eating the food or drinking the water, even in Puerto Vallarta. People still occasionally get sick in Mexico, but the percentage has dropped dramatically. Mexico's service industries know that tourism is a major element in their economy, and they have taken extensive measures to keep the tourists coming back. Purified water and ice is usually used in restaurants and hotels, and the food is usually fresh and quite good. Your husband is more likely to get sick from too many margaritas than from eating the food or drinking the ice. Enjoy your trip! - Carlos



    Our beautiful 18 year old daughter wants to go to Cancun for Spring Break. I'm not sure that is a good idea. What do you think? - Mrs. Fields


    Mrs. Cleaver;

    Be afraid...very afraid  (just kidding!). Cancun becomes one of the biggest party venues on the planet Earth during Spring Break. It's non-stop and (almost) anything goes! However, your daughter will probably not do anything she wouldn't do at home, as long as she doesn't drink too much. The combination of a tropical getaway to Cancun combined with excessive alcohol is a formula for passion. If she is planning on drinking don't let her get on the plane without condoms. - Carlos



    We are planning a vacation to Cancun, and would like to avoid the possibility of running into a hurricane. What months are hurricane likely? - Mark Dessy



    Hurricane season starts when the water gets very warm, usually in July, and runs through October when the water finally cools off. There are times when hurricanes hit the Caribbean in November, but that is not common. During hurricane season, tropical storms are usually tracked well in advance, and there is usually plenty of advanced warning. The actual storms usually only last a day or two before moving on. - Carlos



    During our vacation to Cancun we are considering a side trip to Xcaret. We have heard that this is a water-oriented theme park with plenty to do for kids. Do you think this would be a fun destination for adults as well? - Leo



    Xcaret is just as entertaining for adults as it is for kids. It is like no other "theme park" you have ever been to. Adults are generally a important part of a visit to Xcaret because they usually hold the "money" which is something you will definitely need plenty of once you get there. The water environment lends itself to kids as well as adults, and there are many fun options to choose from. Go and have a great time... and plan on spending the whole day! - Carlos



    My cousin is considering selling his V.W. convertible to get a used Mercedes 380 SL. I thing she is crazy because of the maintenance costs. What do you think? - Bob



    I think you need to get a life. And by the way, this is a travel web site, not a car advise column. Maybe you should take a vacation! - Carlos



    My girlfriend and I are certified divers and are considering an excursion to Cozumel during our trip to Cancun. Do you think that would be too much hassle? - Dave



    If you have the time and money to sneak over to Cozumel for a day or two of diving you will never forget it! If you are going over for just a short trip you might also want to consider a night dive, which is totally awesome! Diving in Cozumel is "drift diving" - usually at about 2-3 knots (north-bound). The planes that fly there and back from Cancun stay at a relatively low altitude so you shouldn't have a problem with getting sick. - Carlos



    My boyfriend and I have decided to go to Cancun this year. We like the idea of staying in an "all-inclusive" resort where food and entertainment is included. Are those places a good idea? - Laura



    There are quite a few "all-inclusive" resorts in Cancun, including the Club Med. These resorts are an excellent way to keep tabs on your spending because almost everything is included. I have stayed at the Cancun Club Med several times and highly recommend it. The Club is located at the very south end of Cancun's main beach at Punta Nizac, and is set up perfectly for snorkeling, windsurfing and just hanging out! And if you like to party the Club always has something going on. - Carlos



    We are considering a vacation to a Mexican 'water oriented' destination but can't decide between Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Which one offers more of that type of recreation? - Mike



    Both Cancun and Cabo are excellent water-oriented destinations. Cancun may be a little more so than Cancun because, in addition to having the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, there is also the huge lagoon west of the Island. This lagoon is great for water sports, boating, diner cruises...you name it! - Carlos



    I have heard that there are alligators in the lagoon west of Cancun. Is that the same lagoon where they rent Wave Runners and go scuba diving? It sounds dangerous. - Cathy



    The answer is 'yes' and 'no'. Yes there are alligators in the lagoon...it is the same lagoon that they rent Waverunners and boats, but it is not where the snorkeling and scuba diving are located. Before Cancun was developed as a tourist area there were a lot more alligators in the lagoon. Over time their population has dwindled, and the remaining gators tend to hang out in the more remote sections of the lagoon that are not often visited by tourists. If you rent a Wave Runner just don't fall off... - Carlos



    Years ago our friends visited Isla Mujeres, just across the channel from Cancun. They said it was a very quaint island and really enjoyed their visit. Do you recommend this as an excursion during our upcoming Cancun vacation? - Mary



    Isla Mujeres has grown up a lot in the last five years. Isla Mujeres is still a great mini-adventure, but there is a lot more going on there than there used to be. The north end of the island is popular for shopping and beaches, and the western shores offer some great snorkeling. Renting a bike or moped to tours the island is tons of fun! - Carlos


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