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    Don't be a typical tourist! There are several things you can do or be aware of to increase the quality of your stay in Cancun. A few tips...

    Want to enjoy an evening at the CANCUN THEATER? You can e-mail them to see what's on stage while you are in town at elteatrodecancun@yahoo.com.mx or call them at 011-52 (998) 849-5580. Tickets usually run under $30.


    • DIRECT FLIGHTS - When you are making your airline reservations to Cancun do all you can to avoid a stop-over on the way to or from Cancun. On the way to Cancun these stop-overs are inconvenient, on the way home (when you are exhausted from your vacation!) these non-direct flights are a killer! If saving money is your goal, try to reserve your trip well in advance, and shop around for competitive fares.

    • STOP-OVER FLIGHTS - If you do find yourself spending some time between flights in Mexico City try to turn that lemon into lemonade! Mexico City is an incredibly interesting place, and its amazing what you can do with 4 hours in between flights. A taxi tour of the monuments, a shopping tour to Zona Rosa, or a cruise through the wealthy neighborhoods just outside downtown Mexico City are just a few examples!

    • EXCURSIONS - Cancun is a great destination, but this part of the Mexican Caribbean offers much more to the visitor. Planning a trip to one of the islands or to one of the fun destinations down the coast can add miles of depth to your trip for poco pesos!

    • SLOW DOWN - Remember...you are in Mexico...and the pace in Cancun is likely to be slower than the work-a-day pace you left back at home. "Decompressing" can take a day or two, but you can help the process by trying to understand that services may take a little longer here...go with the flow and you will enjoy your trip much more!

    • PACE YOUR DAYS - Too many visitors to Cancun try to do it all in the first day or two. Indulging in too much sun, alcohol and food right out of the gate is a formula for getting sick. Take it slow and save those giant Mango Margaritas for the few days before you go home!

    • GO DOWNTOWN - For the flavor of a bustling Mexican City take a casual jaunt to Cancun City. It's just a few minutes from the Hotel Zone but miles away from any typical gringo environment. An evening of dinner, drinking and dancing is the perfect excuse!

    • GO IN THE WATER - Yes, I know you don't want to get your hair wet, you don't want to get salt water on your body...well I've got some advice for you...get a life! The beaches of Cancun offer some of the warmest, calmest and clearest waters on the planet. If you don't go in the water here you might as well sell that mask and snorkel at your next garage sale!

    • ON THE TOWN - When you go out at night don't bring all of your cash and credit cards. Leave what you don't need back at the hotel. You will worry less and have a more relaxed time!

    • MAKE FRIENDS - Half the fun of going to Cancun can be the people you meet! Waiting for a dinner table? Spark up a conversation with that couple next to you. Wading in the Caribbean? Say hello to the kid trying to put on the mask and snorkel next to you. You can always go back to being a recluse once you get home again!


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