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    The information below has been provided so visitors to Mexico know how to prepare to enter the country legally. In order to obtain a Tourist Card a visitor must have either a 1) Valid passport, or 2) Certified birth certificate plus photo ID, or 3) Notarized letter stating the citizenship of the traveler plus a photo ID.

    NOTARIZED LETTER REQUIREMENTS: Visitors to Mexico who do not have a valid passport or a certified copy of their birth certificate may use a notarized letter (plus a photo ID) to receive a Mexican Tourist Card. The notarized letter must state the citizenship of the traveler. It is important to have this letter drawn up, signed and notarized before departing on the trip as it will be needed upon check-in at the airline counter or at the Immigration Office when arriving in Mexico.

    Travelers deparding through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) may utilize the services of the Notary Office at the Bradley International Terminal. It is located on the departure floor (second level) located next to the Information Desk on the north east end of the terminal. The hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. The fee for a notary service is $25.00.

    Minors under 18 years of age traveling with non-parent adults to Mexico require a notarized letter of permission from both parents to enter Mexico. A minor traveling with one parent needs a notarized letter of permission from the parent who stayed home and missed all the fun, as well as a passport or certified birth certificate.

    Mexicans seeking visas and residency in the U.S. can contact the law offices at USA IMMIGRATION.


    The Mexican Government Tourism Office has provided the information contained below. Requirements for entry into Mexico are subject to change without notice.


    Effective July 1999 the Mexican government imposed a 170 Mexican Peso Tourist Fee (approximately $18.00 U.S. dollars) per visitor traveling into Mexico for pleasure or on business. This fee is now closer to $20.00 US. This fee must accompany a Tourist Card, is valid for 6 months (180 days), and is necessary if you plan to:

    • Remain anywhere in Mexico for more than 72 hours.
    • Stay less than 72 hours but travel beyond the 16 mile checkpoint.



    • Traveling by land or sea anywhere in Mexico and staying LESS THAN 72 HOURS.
    • Traveling by land and staying more than 72 hours but NOT TRAVELING BEYOND the 16 mile (30 kilometer) interior checkpoints.
    • Traveling by land beyond the interior checkpoints, staying more than 72 hours, but LIMITING your visit to the following destinations and tourist routes:
      • Tijuana-Ensenada
      • Mexicali-San Felipe
      • Sonoita-Puerto Pensaco
      • Ciudad Juarez-Paquime
      • Piedras Negras-Santa Rosa
      • Reynosa-China
    • Mexican citizens living abroad, those visiting as students (as defined by the Mexican Immigration laws), Distinguished Visitors, or those seeking political asylum.

    Tourist Card forms may be obtained from Mexican Government Tourism Offices, Mexican Consulate Offices, and Immigration Offices located at border crossings. Tourist Cards are also sometimes available from your local Auto Club Office.



    TRAVEL BY LAND - Visitors entering Mexico at the Tijuana border can obtain the Tourist Card and pay the Visitor's Fee at the border. When driving into Mexico from US Highway 5 visitors should stay in the very far right lane and enter the covered area under the sign that says "Declaration Lane". Once inside this covered area park in the parking spaces on the left side. The small Immigration Office and bank window are along the west side of this area. After obtaining the Tourist Card at the Immigration Office fill it out, get it signed by the Immigration official at the desk, and then walk next door to the bank window. After paying the fee bring the stamped receipt back to the Immigration official for a final stamp and signature. In the process of departing this parking are you will have to press the "Stop / Go" button at the Customs booth. After leaving Customs merge back into traffic and carefully follow the green and white road signs to "Rosarito / Ensenada / Scenic Road" if you are traveling south of Tijuana. Now go have some fun!

    TRAVEL BY AIR - The form will be provided by the airlines either at the check-in counter or during the flight.

    TRAVEL BY CRUISE - The fee will be provided by cruise company after bording.



    TRAVEL BY LAND - The fee may only be collected at any bank operating in Mexico. The fee may be paid at any time prior to leaving the country. Visitors will be required to produce verification of payment by showing the official FEE PAID stamp upon leaving the country.

    TRAVEL BY AIR - The fee will be included in the purchase price of the tickets charged by the airlines.

    TRAVEL BY CRUISE - The fee will be included in the purchase price of the cruise or may be collected upon disembarking only if the term of the stay at a Mexican port is longer than 72 hours.


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