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    It's a fact that people on vacation in Caancun usually spend more time outdoors than when they are at home during their regular routines. Because being outside and under the sun for extended periods of time is not a common behavior for many people, some travelers get caught off guard when it comes to controlling their exposure to the sun.

    Excessive exposure to sun is even worse in the tropics. Cancun is a good example of a popular travel destination located in the tropics. Longer wavelength UVA rays (ultraviolet A) and shorter wavelength UVB rays (ultraviolet B) are much more intense at these latitudes. The twin concerns of sunburn and skin cancer can both be significant in the tropics, but proper skin care can make a world of difference.

    Different people react differently to exposure to the sun. While it may be true that fair skinned people are more at risk for sunburns and skin cancer, all types of skins are vulnerable to sun-related problems.

    While sunburns are often not much more than an inconvenience, skin cancers should be taken very seriously as a significant health concern. The good news is that most basal cell and squamous skin cancers are curable, especially if detected early. Melanoma, on the other hand, has a reputation of being deadly and deserves much more serious attention.

    The likelihood of getting a sunburn or obtaining skin cancers can be minimized by proper sunscreen usage while traveling. Here are a few tips to put you on the path to protecting your skin while visiting Cancun.




    For more information on skincare and the sun go to the web site of SUNPROTECTION.ORG.

    And drop by SUN PROTECTED.COM and BEACH STORE for protection related products and clothing.