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    It's no secret that a large number of Cancun visitors come to the island for more than just a tan. Since the earliest days of Cancun's development single men and women took the trek to the new resort of Cancun to try their luck with the opposite sex. This was due in no small part to the fact that one of the first resorts to open on Cancun Island was a single's oriented Club Med.

    As Cancun grew and additional hotels were built along the spectacuar sandy beaches, it became a destination resort much like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Couples came to enjoy the sun, sand and surf, but singles were still a big part of the crowd as well.

    Today Cancun is a successful mix of singles, couples and families. The island welcomes all of it's visitors with open arms, and everyone seems to find the Cancun they are looking for. Especially the singles.

    Cancun is a great destination for singles, and for many different reasons. Meeting other singles is not difficult in Cancun because there are so many different options for hooking up.

    ALL INCLUSIVE HOTELS lend themselves to meeting new people because most of the guests in these resorts rarely leave the premisis making it easier to meet other guests, and the dining and entertainment options slant towards having the guests interact.

    Tours are another popular option while visiting Cancun, and the various types of group transportation puts many different people together and provides easy options for getting to know others in the group.

    Scuba diving and snorkel boats usually play host to 15 to 30 like-minded people out for a half day of half-dressed adventure in the Caribbean sun. Ditto for shopping trips to ISLA MUJERES by boat.

    When the day is over and the evening begins additional options open up for meeting new people. Evening shows, COCKTAIL ROUNDEVOUS, dinner options and DANCE CLUBS all provide different venues for meeting other singles who are out for a good time.

    Let's not forget Spring Break. Cancun is a mecca for students in dire need to let off some steam, meet other singles and take advantage of the legal drinking age of 18 on Mexico. Visit the SPRING BREAK section of Cancun Expo for the scary details.

    And how about the CLUB MED in Cancun? True to it's roots, the Club is still ground zero for the young and young at heart, including fun-loving singles and free spirited couples.


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