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    Mexico vacations and Club Med are almost synonymous! The Club Meds in Mexico are the perfect mix of man and nature, and Club Med has garnered some of the best locations in the country to make your Mexico getaway as enjoyable as possible. These locations, in conjunction with the many years of experience that Club Med has in the vacation industry, are the perfect combination to maximize the fun during your special getaway.

    This Club Med section of Mexico Expo has been included without any input or guidance from the good folks at Club Med. During his travels Carlos Fiesta has stayed at all of Mexico Club Meds, some of them several times. They consistently offer an excellent vacation value, and are the perfect way to avoid the drama and uncertainty that comes with traveling to a foreign country. Not including them as a separate section in Mexico Expo would be criminal!

    Club Med has recently fine tuned each of their destinations into categories that help make your vacation more enjoyable. Villages are now categorized as Villages for Families, Villages for Everyone, and Villages for Adults. Now more than ever Club Med is the perfect way to feel the warmth of Mexico!

    NEW! All day open bar! Unlimited premium alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and juices.

    NEW! All day snacking and dining choices.

    For more information on the specific Club Meds listed below we have included a direct link to the information on each Club Med location. For general information on Club Med vacations drop by the main CLUB MED web site!

    Looking for a job in paradise? The CLUB MED JOBS web site is the perfect place to look for positions at the various Mexico Club Meds for funsters 19 year of age or older. Jobs are usually for 6 months, include airfare, room and a salary.

    For more information on vacationing at a Club Med, check out Carlos Fiesta's FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section!







    • Location:
      Exclusive beachfront location on the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, 20 minutes from the Cancun airport.

    • Accommodations:
      426 air-conditioned rooms with hair dryer, telephone, cable or satellite television, CD alarm clock and a personal safe.

    • Restaurants and Bars:
      2 restaurants with varied buffets.
      3 bars.

    • Activities:
      Swimming pool, bocce ball, table tennis. Latin-American & rock'n'roll dance classes, arts & crafts workshop, nightclub, evening entertainment.

    • Extra Cost Amenities:
      Internet kiosk, beauty salon, messages, boutique, photographer, car rentals, locker room, laundry service, ironing facilities, washers and dryers.

    • Sports:
      Club Med fitness, scuba diving, waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, 8 tennis courts, weight room, volleyball, street hockey and off-site golf.

    • Culture and Adventure Tours:
      Cruise to Bird Island, deserted beach lobster lunch, shoreline sunset cruises, fishing trips, excursions to Isla Mujeres and Xcaret nature preserve.

    • Favorite Village Cocktail:
      Mayan Paradise * 1 oz. Cream of Coconut, 1 1/2 oz. of White Rum, 5 oz. Pineapple Juice, splash of Peach Liqueur, splash of Milk. Directions: Mix in shaker and serve over ice in highball glass.


    Hand's down... Cancun is Carlos Fiesta's favorite Club Med (although the Club Med Moreau in Tahiti is right up there as a close second!). Before Cancun even got off the drawing boards Club Med came in and purchased the best piece of real estate on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Situated on a three sided peninsula, this Club offers a sandy beach for swimming, a reef beach for snorkeling, and a sand and reef beach for watersports!

    The location of this Club makes it a true escape. While most of the hotels in Cancun are lined up one after another on Cancun's main beach (crowded), the Club Med Cancun is located on the very south end on it's own private peninsula (uncrowded!).

    The Club caters mainly to singles and couples, and the fun starts every morning and runs into the wee hours. When you go home you just might need a vacation to relax!

    Club Med Cancun offers some incredible excursions both down the coast and into the jungled interior. Chitzen-Itza, Tulum, Xel-ha and Xcaret are just a few of the awesome places to check out.

    For more information check out the CLUB MED CANCUN web site.

    Club visitors looking for an island escape might consider a quickie to Mexico's largest Caribbean island COZUMEL.

    For more information about the Cancun area drop by the CANCUN section of
    Mexico Expo.


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    • Location:
      Set on the Pacific coast of Mexico 112 miles north of Acapulco.

    • Accommodations:
      375 air-conditioned rooms with hair dryer, telephone, cable or satellite television, CD alarm clock and a personal safe.

    • Restaurants and Bars:
      2 restaurants with varied buffets.
      1 bar.

    • Activities:
      2 swimming pools, bocce ball, table tennis, arts & crafts workshop, bar with dance floor, evening entertainment, Childrens' Clubs (4 months to 13 years / up to 17 years during school breaks).

    • Extra Cost Amenities:
      Internet kiosk, boutique, photographer, laundry service, ironing facilities, washers and dryers.

    • Sports:
      Club Med fitness, flying trapeze, sailing, snorkeling, 8 tennis courts (4 lit), archery, basketball, mini-soccer, beach volleyball, in-line skating, weight room, softball, off-site horseback riding and golf.

    • Culture and Adventure Tours:
      Tour Desk, Cruise Ixtapa Island, shoreline sunset cruises, fishing trips, excursions to Mexican fishing village of Zihuatanejo.

    • Favorite Village Cocktail:
      Tequila Sunrise * 1 1/2 oz. Tequila, 3 oz. of Orange Juice, 3/4 oz. Grenadine, 1 Lime Slice, Juice of 1/2 lime. Directions: Mix everything (except grenadine and lime slice) in a shaker with cracked ice. Pour into a tall Collins glass. Add additional ice if needed. Slowly pour in grenadine and do not stir. Use the lime slice as a garnish.


    If you are a family with children, Club Med Ixtapa is for you! And, even though the Club is set up to entertain kids, it's also a fun escape for adults.

    Club Med Ixtapa is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, an hour or so north of Acapulco. It is located on a large beautiful beach, Playa Quieta, which is usually calm enough for swimming, water sports or just catching up on your reading.

    The hot tip at Club Med Ixtapa is located about a quarter mile offshore. Ixtapa Island offers a fine collection of protected beaches just a short boat ride from the Club, and is the perfect place for an afternoon lunch and a snorkel!

    For more information check out the CLUB MED IXTAPA web site.

    For more information about the Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo area drop by the IXTAPA section of Mexico Expo.


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    If you have an interest in the culture and history of Mexico you will love the convenience of Club Med's Archeological Villas. They are the perfect way to enjoy the natural Mexico with just enough comfort to make your trip unforgettable!

    These villages are locate in Chichen Itza, Coba and Uxmal in the Yucatan Peninsula, and Teotihuacan and Cholula in central Mexico. They are run on an "a la carte" basis allowing you to be flexible with your valuable vacation time!

    Club Med archeological villas are located adjacent to cultural and archeological sites and in spectacular natural surroundings. The rooms are comfortable and include air conditioning, telephone, hairdryer and laundry service. Meals includer continental, local and international cuisine.

    The Club Med Villas offer sports and leisure facilities such as swimming pool and tennis courts. Excursions can be organized to suit your particular needs.

    For more information on these locations contact your travel agent or CLUB MED.

    Mexico travelers interested in archeology might want to visit the MEXICO WORLD HERITAGE SITES section of Mexico Expo.


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    Thinking about taking a Club Med vacation but you need a bit more information? Carlos is here to help. Senior Fiesta has been to all of the Mexico Club Meds (a few of them more than once!) and is happy to answer your questions!




    I understand that Club Med is "all-inclusive". Does that really mean that everything is included? ~ Clark



    While it is possible to go to a Club Med with absolutely no money in your pocket, guests usually find several options that do cost money. One example is alcoholic beverages. Although unlimited beer and wine is included at lunch and dinner, drinks throughout the day and night were not until recently. Also Club Med offers some excellent off-site excursions and these also cost money. But most of the services and fun you need to have a good time at the Club are included in the one time cost of the package. ~ Carlos Fiesta




    My fiancée and I are not sure we want to have our vacation planned out day by day. It sounds like the entertainment at most Club Meds is non-stop. We don't mind some amount of activities, but we want to relax too. ~ Eric



    There is usually something going on at Club Med, but the activities are usually contained to one particular area of the village. And since the Clubs are large and spread out, you won't have any problem finding peace and quiet whenever you need it. ~ Carlos Fiesta




    We are a family of 5, including 3 kids. I have heard that the Club Med Ixtapa is a good place for kids. But how about adults? My husband and I want to have fun too! ~ Sally



    Although Club Med Ixtapa welcomes kids it is also a fun resort for adults. The Kid's Club does a great job of taking care of the little ones while mom and dad are poolside or on the beach. During the evening shows the kids and parents usually start out together but then the kids often get side-tracked with new friends. I have stayed at Club Med Ixtapa both ways...with and without kids. It was a blast either way! Don't worry...you will have a great time! ~ Carlos Fiesta




    We are going to be traveling the coast from Cancun to Cozumel and would like to spend a couple of days at the Club Med Cancun. Is that possible or do we have to sign up for a whole week? ~ Jennifer



    Your idea sounds great! Yes, you can stay at the Cancun Club Med for just a couple of nights if there are rooms available. I have done this several times when travelling through Mexico and it is always a highlight of my trip. Be sure to make your reservations before heading to Mexico. Just showing up at the guard shack at Club Med Cancun unannounced will probably not work. ~ Carlos Fiesta




    How is the food at the Club Med Cancun? Is there as much as on a Mexico cruise ship? That was almost too much food! ~ Nancy



    Don't plan on loosing any weight at any of the Club Meds! There are three big meals a day and the food is unlimited. Don't even get me started on the deserts! The food is usually very tasty and quite diverse. Unlike cruise ships there are no midnight buffets at Club Meds! By the way...here's a little secret. During your evening meal take one more pass at the desert tables. Grabbing a few items and storing them in your room for a snack after the show is a great way to re-energize you for a night of dancing! ~ Carlos Fiesta


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