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    For years Cancun has been the main mecca in Mexico for students in search of a place to blow off steam and have some fun. Cancun is still the hottest Mexican destination for Spring Break, even though each year more and more 'Breakers' head to Cabo to relax, party and hang loose in the sun.

    Cancun is a short flight from the eastern US and the midwest, and a bit further from cities on the west coast. It's a a pretty short flight, and since the party usually starts at the departure airport anyway, the jouney can be just as much fun as the destination.

    Guns, ammunition and drugs are illegal in Mexico and definately not worth the risk on your Spring Break. The cervesa (beer) and tequila in Cancun are some of the best in the world, so leave your pot at home unless you really want to see the inside of a Mexican jail.

    For those with more time than money Cancun can also be reached by car. You will travel through some pretty spectacular scenery and it is an adventure not to be forgotten. For most folks this is a 3 day drive from the border.

    Rental cars are an option in Cancun, but not a necessity. Most of the action in Cancun is not more than 10 minutes away by cab. Taxi's are plentiful and not expensive, especially when divided by 3 or 4 people. The "Number 11 Taxi" (your two legs) is even cheaper and will help burn off some of those extra calories that tend to collect during any Cancun getaway.

    The weather in Cancun in April is usually great. The chance of rain is minimal and the air temperature is usually warm. A light jacket might be necessary in the evenings, but daytime temperatures are usually in the 80's. The chance of a hurricane in Cancun over Spring Break is zero because the ocean temperatures have cooled off since their summer highs. Although the ocean temperatures in Spring are usually not warm, the water is still swimmable and refreshing.

    One of the great things about Cancun is that it can accommodate almost any Spring Break budget. Yes there are plenty of oceanfront hotels for $300 to $500 per night in Cancun, but there are also a fair number of rooms downtown between $50 to $100 per night. During Spring Break the cheap rooms tend to book up fast.

    Food and drink can also be affordable if you know where to look. Just like the affordable lodging, inexpensive eats are located in the downtown area of Cancun. Taco stands, small local dining establishments, even some of the small restaurants located on the beach offer reasonable prices.

    Visiting Cancun on a budget still offers plenty of options. Free things to do include laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, sneaking into the pools of luxury hotels, and walking around downtown Cancun. Cheap things to do include Banana rides along the coast behind a boat, buying souveniers and testing the local Happy Hours. And for the ladies there are plenty of places to window shop, including the shops in downtwon Cancun and lots of malls.

    Cancun is famous for it's nightlife! And having a drinking age of 18 is one of the reasons Cancun is popular for students on Spring Break. Ground zero is near the clubs near the Concention Center, although there are a few other places on the beach and up the coast that rock. Most cantinas start their late afternoons with a 2 for 1 program (look for the 2X1 signs near the entrance to most bars) and the party seems to evolve from there.

    Cancun's dress code is relaxed, just like in California. Just picture Hermosa Beach in summer (with a lot more Mexicans). Shorts, tee-shirts and flip-flops are common during the day. Evening attire might include Levi's, a shirt with a collar and a decent pair of tennis shoes or Deck shoes. Dress code for women? They always seem to look good in Cancun no matter what they are wearing!

    For the price of a rental car and a tank of gas those with a spirit of adventure might like to take an excursion down Mexico Highway 307 to Playa del Carmen or check out the ruins at Tulum. Incredible diving is just a short ferry ride away in Cozumel.

    Spring Break is a chance for fun-loving kids to beak away from the normal drama of daily life and experience a new environment. Cancun is one of the best venues in the world to do it!

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