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    Cancun really consists of two separate and distinct areas. The Cancun that most tourists picture when they imagine their Caribbean vacation paradise is CANCUN ISLAND. Cancun Island consists of the major resort and hotel areas usually associated with this world-class destination.

    The island is shaped like the number "7" with most of the hotels located on the outside of the number. The fresh water lagoon is located on the left side (inside) of the "7" and this area does not have any of the spectacular beaches that Cancun is famous for (although it is popular for some watersports).

    There is one main road that runs the length of the island so getting lost takes a lot of work or an abundance of blonde hair.

    The top left corner of the island connects to CANCUN CITY by a small bridge. This city is where the local people live, work and play. Cancun City is not really a tourist destination but it is definately a fun place to explore for funky restaurants and bars.



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