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    Also known as Downtown Cancun, Cancun City is a central ten block square area (and growing) of businesses, hotels, shops, restaurants and bars that have a completely different feel than the Cancun that most tourists visit. Downtown Cancun is only 10 minutes northwest of the central tourist area on Cancun Island, but light years away in atmosphere.

    The hotels in Cancun City offer much more affordable lodging than the hotels on the Island, yet they are no more than 10 to 15 minutes away from the splendid beaches in Cancun Island's Hotel Zone. The restaurants and shops are also much more affordable here, but just as much fun. The shops are priced for the locals, not the tourists. Students and younger travellers on a budget take full advantage of downtown Cancun's affordable prices.

    Cancun City is connected to Cancun Island via a small bridge at the northwest end of Kulkucan Boulevard, which connects to downtown Cancun at Coba Avenue. One block after entering Cancun City the cross street of Tulum Avenue is the 'main drag' downtown. This is a busy place and seems quite removed from the slower vacation pace of Cancun Island.

    The area surrounding Cancun City consists of various residential areas where the people who service the huge Cancun Island tourism industry live. They utilize the services of Cancun City for their shopping, dining, drinking and entertainment needs.

    First time visitors to Cancun City notice something they don't usually see too much of on Cancun Island...Mexicans. Indeed the number of Gringos in the downtown Cancun area is small, and mostly concentrated near the poplar downtown hotels, restaurants and watering holes.

    Carlos Fiesta highly recomends a visit to Cancun City for those who want to see what a real Mexican city looks like. The people are hard working, friendly and enjoy a somewhat higher standard of living than the Mexicans in other parts of the country.

    Don't expect any grand central plazas, historic monuments or classic architecture in Cancun City. This place didn't even exist 30 years ago and was developed soley as the support arm of Cancun Island. But it can be enjoyed for what it is...a real working city on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

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