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    While it's true that most trips to Mexico are booked without Travel Insurance, it only takes one trip to go sideways to show how valuable Travel Insurance can be.

    The Travel Insurance business is alive and growing, and the number of companies offering coverage is significant. As with any type of insurance, it's a good idea to do plenty of research before making a decision to purchase any type of Travel Insurance.

    Don't fret if you did not purchase travel Insurance when you booked your vacation. Most Travel Insurance companies offer policies right over the Internet. It's also easy to research different types of insurance (and different companies) on the Internet before pulling out your credit card.

    There are various types of insurance available under the umbrella of "Travel Insurance". Each of these types of policies covers different travel concerns, everything from Trip Cancellation Insurance, Health Insurance, and Accidental Death Insurance, just to name a few.

    The most popular type of Travel Insurance is Single Trip Insurance. This type of insurance covers airline flights and cruises, and covers issues such as trip cancellation. These policies usually offer additional benefits at no extra cost.

    Other insurance options include lost baggage, Medical and dental insurance, Emergency Evacuation, 24 Hour Traveler Assistance, Baggage Delay, Travel Delay, and Accidental Death Coverages.

    Some policies also have options for Collision/Damage coverage for rented cars, Flight Insurance (a form of Accidental Death Coverage while flying only) and added Emergency Evacuation insurance. Some package policies include coverage for children at no extra charge. more...

    There are also policies for business travelers, uniquely designed for individual business travelers and small to mid-size companies with traveling employees. Business Package Policies provide coverage for multiple business trips throughout the year [total business travel days of 30, 60 , 90, 91+ per year] or a single business trip. All policies offer coverage for business-relevant concerns including Trip Cancellation, Identify Theft Protection, and Concierge Services. Also they can provide for baggage and business effects, including the costs of trade shows and business conferences as well as the expense of lost, stolen and/or damaged laptops, cell phones and booth exhibits.

    Also available is Medical Coverage for travel up to a year in length. Some include coverage for evacuation, flight, accidental death, limited baggage, and trip interruption.

    Medical Evacuation Policies can be purchased by itself, and can provide peace of mind for people traveling to remote locations.

    These policies provide protection for travelers in the event they become seriously ill or injured while traveling. They provide emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or on some plans, to your hospital of choice.

    Flight Accident Policies are also available for those who think the plane might not make it to it's planned destination. These types of policies were more common back in the 70's and 80's, but because air travel today is so safe most travelers no longer elect to pay for this type of coverage.

    Travel Major Medical Policies are designed for travelers who are going abroad for at least 6 months and require more permanent insurance. These plans provide comprehensive medical protection including emergency medical treatment, wellness care and optional prescription drug coverage. Like most major medical policies, these plans contain both in and out of network coverage, deductibles and co-payments and have the added travel benefits of accidental death and emergency medical evacuation protection.

    Accidental Death & Dismemberment are designed for travelers going on a single trip, or can be written on an annual basis for individuals, businesses or groups. These policies provide protection in the event of a loss of life or dismemberment injury sustained while traveling. These polices can be written with benefit limits up to $20 million.

    As you can see there are many different types of Travel Insurance policies to choose from. Taking the time to explore this growing insurance field is the first step toward peace of mind on your next Mexico getaway!


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