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    If you haven't been on a cruise ship (and 85% of Americans haven't!) you gotta try it! And taking a cruise to Mexico's Caribbean is the perfect combination of convenience, culture and fun. For those who like the idea of enjoying the many aspects of Mexico, but still want to have that comfortable travel format, a cruise in Mexico is the perfect combination!

    At the begining of 2007 there were 175 cruise ships worldwide, entertaining over 8 million passengers from North America alone. As an industry cruising has been seeing passenger growth averaging 8.4 % annually over the last 10 years, with revenues exceeding 13.8 billion worldwide. As big as the cruising industry is, it only captures 3% of the total vacation business in the U.S. But it is still big...and growing. Even with this growth the industry has become very competitive because of an oversupply of vessels. Because of this the cruise industry is changing. Advance booking dates are dropping from 90 days to something closer to 45 days, and the length of the trips is becoming shorter. While approximately one half of today's cruises are 6 to 8 days long, fully one third of today's cruises are only 2 to 5 days long. And these shorter cruises seem to be growing in popularity as travelers looking for a brief escape from the workplace take a stronger look at saying "Bon Voyage" to the boss for a few days. With Mexico as a premier cruise location in North America is it any wonder that Mexico cruising has seen and increase in bookings of 170% during the last 10 years!

    In addition to the income cruise companies make by selling tickets, non-included items such as alcohol and gambling can add up to 40% more to the cruise company's income. Since these sins are optional they can be avoided. Tipping, the cruise industries fun little secret, is harder to avoid and can cost several hundred dollars per cabin on the average cruise.

    For additional information on discounted rates for cruises to Mexico visit the web sites of CHEAP DISCOUNT MEXICO CRUISES and YOUR MEXICO CRUISES.

    The Cruise section of TRAVELOCITY also offers good rates for cruises.

    Enjoying cruising? Consider signing up for PORTHOLE CRUISE MAGAZINE!

    For more cruising information visit the web site of CRUISE CRITIC.

    Boaters with their own boat might find Mexico's NAUTICAL LADDER plan interesting. The idea is to build marinas all around Baja and on the northern portion of the Mexico mainland.


    Ahhh..the Caribbean! One of the best kept secrets of Mexico is that it offers a Caribbean option as nice as or better than the other well known Caribbean destinations! These ports of call include Cancun, Cozumel and Play del Carmen (Mexico's best kept secret!).

    Cancun is one spectacular mile of beach after another, with restaurants and nightlife second to none in Mexico. If you like to shop..."Honey, I'm home!". Cozumel offers some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world, and if you own a mask and snorkel this place has your name on it. Playa del Carmen is Mexico's best secret destination! It's a small but growing Mexican seaside village and host to some of the most impossibly clear aqua waters on Earth. Swimming in the warm ocean waters here is like wading in a dream!

    For further information on the area drop by our web sites on CANCUN, COZUMEL and PLAYA DEL CARMEN!



      Telephone (800) 327-9501.
      3655 NW 87th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33178.
      Ports of Call: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas.
      Ports of Call: Cozumel, Playa del Carmen.
      CELEBRATION and IMAGINATION stop in Cancun.
      Drop by the web site of CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES for more information.
      For more information on Cabo visit the CABO SAN LUCAS. section of



      Telephone (800) 437-3111.
      Port of Call: Cozumel.
      Also serving other areas in the Caribbean.
      Check out their web site for more information on CELEBRITY CRUISES.
      For more information stop by the COZUMEL section of Mexico Expo.


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