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    For most people traveling to a foreign land is not something they do very frequently. And it is because they don't travel to new destinations every day that they usually enjoy the flavors of the new destinations so much.

    Along with the fun of traveling comes some degree of responsibility. These are not necessarily rules that are written down or laws that must be followed, but ideas that make the travel experience that much more fullfilling.

    It can be a good idea when traveling to a different country to consider yourself an Ambassador from your home city, state or country. This is an accurate representation because you as a traveler are a reflection of where you come from.

    The 10 ideas below are concepts that can raise the awareness that, as travelers, we are visitors in a foreign land and should try to make the best of our journey for all of the people we come in contact with.



      The art of traveling successfully takes a bit of studying. Reading up on your destination and talking with people who have been there can help smooth your path and make your expectations that much more realistic.



      You are traveling to go away, not to bring it all with you. Take what you know you will need and maybe a bit more. You will find that you can usually have a great trip with not much more than just the basics.



      The laws of common sense and physics are universal and do not change when you reach your destination. If it doesn't make sense to do something at home it probably doesn't make sense to do it at your destination. Don't leave your brains at the border.



      Look at your destination as a surprise package that you can't wait to open and explore. You will usually get out of a trip what you expect so get excited and expect a great trip.



      When visiting another country and meeting new people treat them and their land with the respect they deserve. They will appreciate your efforts and you both will ultimately have a more enjoyable experience.



      Traveling exposes us to the cultures and ideas of the world and much of that world is different that the one we left back at home. Thier way is not necessarily wrong, it's just different than what you are used to. Go with the flow.



      Most tourists don't trek too far off the beaten path for fear of the unknown. It's a fact that some of the best experiences that can happen on a trip are found just slightly away from what most tourists are doing. Get creative with your journey.



      Sometimes we are so used to the fast pace of our daily lives that we find it difficult to leave that pace at home once we begin traveling. Most of the countries of the world work at a slower pace than the United States, and this can take some getting used to. Relax!



      It doesn't take much effort to show appreciation for the services we receive from those who help us while traveling. Direct eye contact with a warm smile, a soft pat on the back or a genuine handshake can show your appreciation for their efforts.



      The joys, new friends and knowledge we gain from traveling can be forgotten soon after we get home. And since planning a trip is half the fun, don't limit your traveling calendar if you feel the urge to travel again soon. It's a big world and you're not getting any younger.



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