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    One of reasons cancun is so popular is because of the weather. The weather is great in Cancun 99% of the time...all year long.

    Cancun is located in the sub-tropics and temperatures usually average in the 80's during the winter (dry season), and get up into the 90's during the summer (wet season).

    Although a major portion of the rain falls between May and October, don't let the wet season keep you away. The rain usually keeps to the afternoon, and usually only lasts a couple of hours.

    As one heads south in the Yucatan Peninsula from Cancun the climate becomes more tropical, and the amount of rainfall increases significantly. On the other side of the coin, as one heads north or west from Cancun, the weather becomes drier and less tropical.

    The hurricane season in Cancun generally runs from July through October. It is during this season that Mexico and the Caribbean ocean temperature are warmest, the main ingredient for hurricanes. Visiting Cancun during this time of the year is not generally considered risky, and the chances of actually seeing any large storm activity is relatively small.

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