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    Cancun has some of the best beaches in the world! White sand rolling into warm aqua blue waters...this is the stuff dreams are made of.

    It's no wonder that the beaches of Cancun have been used for years as the venue for photo shoots for everthing from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions, Miss Hawaiin Tropic bathing suit contests and the Ujena Swimwear Bikini Jam!

    There are piers on the beaches at the north and west end of Cancun Island. These piers are used for boarding the various tour boats that head out into the lagoon, to the offshore islands, as well as for general cruising just offshore.

    There are three distinct beach areas in Cancun, each which has its own distinctive personality!

    Another water environment in Cancun is Nichupte Lagoon, which fronts the western side of Cancun Island. This lagoon is made from a combination of saltwater from the ocean, as well as freshwater from underground springs. This large and calm body of water is perfect for a host of water sports, and tends to be more active towards the northern end where several marinas, restaurants and shopping areas are located.

    Remember, all beaches in Mexico are open to the public, so feel free to explore up and down the coast for your favorite!

    For information on how to keep from getting sunburn while visiting paradise drop our section on SUNSCREEN TIPS.

    Like warm ocean water? The OCEAN TEMPERATURE is nice in Cancun all year long!


    Bahia Mujeres is the northern most beach on Cancun Island, and also tends to be the most shallow and protected. Although most of Cancun's hotels are not located on this beach, they would probably like to be if they could. The gradually declining beach terrain makes this a good choice for bathers who don't want to fight waves for a fresh dip in the beautiful Caribbean!

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 2 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 3 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 4 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukuilcan Boulevard at km. 5.5 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 7 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 8 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 8.5 in the Hotel Zone.


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    Bahia Cancun is the main beach on Cancun Island, and most of the hotels in Cancun face this beautiful 12 mile stretch of sand and turquoise water. The water is usually calm and beautiful, and great for swimming. If the wind does pick up, small waves can add a fun dimension to swimming here.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 10 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 13 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 15 in the Hotel Zone.

      Located off of Kukulcan Boulevard at km. 17 in the Hotel Zone.

      located off of Kululcan Boulevard at km. 20 in the Hotel Zone.


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      From the south end of Punta Nizac the Island of Cancun ends, but the beautiful beaches continue for miles! Those seeking adventure and more remote beaches will have no problem finding many spectacular beaches from here all the way to Belize!


    • AKUMAL
      Located about an hour south of Cancun, Akumal is really two separate beach areas, each with it's own unique flavor! The main beach is located near the entrance of Akumal, and heads south from there. This main beach is where most of the action takes place in Akumal, as well as the various water sports services. Kayaking, swimming and snorkeling are good here in the shallow waters. The bottom is mostly sand with some reef activity scattered throughout. Windsurfing is also fun here, but watch out at low tide. The coral can be shallow and will hit your centerboard! Don't miss the happy hour at the palapa bar each night at 4:30! The 'other' beach is accessible by a coastal road that heads north past the residential area. This beach is more relaxed and less crowded, with fewer services available.

    • PAMUL
      Located about 50 minutes south of Cancun Pamul is a small and very quiet beach with little going on. It's the perfect place to 'drop out' for an afternoon or for a few days. Beachcombing and checking out the tidepools seem to be the most popular beach activities. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are good near the reef located about 100 yards offshore.

      Located about 55 minutes south of Cancun, prior to reaching Tulum, Playa Aventuras is a small and intimate beach setting used basically for private guests and government families. Visitors are permitted to enjoy the beach, but services are minimal. The beach is shady and the water is shallow and usually calm.

    • TULUM
      Located about 60 minutes south of Cancun, Tulum is one of Mexico's most photographed beaches. Although the beach here is indeed beautiful, it is not particularly wide or long. The real showcase here is the dramatic ruins perched on the beautiful cliffs just above the aqua-blue water. If you are visiting the ruins this beach is certainly worth a visit!

    • XCARET
      Located about 45 minutes south of Cancun Xcaret is a beach, a river, a cenote and a whole lot more! The beach is very nice by any standard, including powder white sand and palapas for shade. Although swimming in the ocean here can be fun, most folks head into the park area to drift in the river or swim in the cenote. There's lots going on in this water-oriented paradise!

      Located about an hour south of Cancun just past Tulum, the road to Punta Allen offers mile after mile of empty beaches, just waiting for someone to come and appreciate them! Visitors to the beaches of Punta Allen will not find many tourist services, and that is exactly why most folks head this far south. The beaches are beautiful but unrefined, the water feels like silk against your skin. A great place to drop out!

    • BELIZE
      Belize is located at the very southern tip of the Mexican Caribbean, just beyond the little town of Xcalak. Actually the two countries are only separated by a narrow spit of water in the mangrove swamps between Xcalak in Mexico and Ambergris Cay in Belize. Beaches, however, are not necessarily the strong suite for this part of Belize. The country does have some beautiful beaches on the offshore islands, and south of Belize City. But most of the beaches just south of Mexico are a mixture of sand and mangrove. However, given the chance don't miss out on a stroll through the quaint streets of Ambergris Cay!


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