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    Okay, we all have our stories about the evils of Tequila...they often start out very similar..."I can't drink Tequila anymore, because once I..." and then the victim goes on to tell how the ravages of this wild spirit turned their life upside down for a week one night! Tequila does seem to be able to bring out the best and worst in people...usually bringing out more of what an individual already has going when they are sober!




    The good people of Mexico alone consume over 45,000,000 liters of tequila each year, and this unique drink is quickly circling the globe as a premier ingredient for cocktails, or taken straight up. Exports to the world are now close to $400,000,000 per year. Yikes!


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    And, if you really like Tequila, you gotta check out the web pages of JOSE CUERVO TEQUILA.

    Think you've heard of all of the different types of Tequila? Think again! This is a list of your options if you stop by for a shot of tequila at PANCHOS in Cabo San Lucas!

    Ready to try something different? Drop by the web site of TEQUILA ROSE for a new flavor in Tequila!

    Need more good stuff on tequila? Wax your board and surf TEQUILA - CULTURE & MYTHS. Yikes!



    Sometime before the year 1,000 AD an elite member of an Indian tribe on a plateau in northern Mexico discovered quite by accident that the sweet water inside the heart of the maguey plant, when removed from the plant and allowed to ferment, transformed into a creamy liquid that was quite pleasant to drink. And to his delight, after drinking substantial quantities of this sweet liquid, the Indian noticed that the world seemed to be a much happier place to live. Thus was born the predecessor to tequila, pulque. And if you have ever tasted pulque you will indeed learn to quickly appreciate the flavor of today's refined tequilas.

    Always looking for new ways to catch a buzz, another Mexican Indian (and you thought these guys just sat around all day and smoked peyote!) discovered that a similar process could be performed with the agave plant, also common in the central high plains of Mexico. After maturing for approximately 10 years, the roundish ball of the agave plant is stripped of it's leaves, cooked for 24 to 48 hours, and then pounded and crushed to extract the liquids inside. Then, after a specific aging process in wood barrels that varies depending upon the type of tequila being made, the tequila is ready to party! The question is, are you ready for the tequila?



    The government of Mexico strictly controls the making and labeling of tequila to protect the product's integrity. By law all tequilas must have at least 51% Blue Agave Tequila.


      Anejo means 'aged' or 'old'. Anejo tequila has been aged for over a year in either white oak casks or in used bourbon casks. These tequilas represent the finest efforts of Mexico's distillers. While each Anejo has it's own unique character, they are all exceptionally smooth and have a deep gold color, complex taste, and a long finish. A "Reserva" Anejo tequila is aged for no less than two years, and availability may be limited.

      Examples of Anejo Tequila include Herradura Seleccion Supreme, Reserva de la Familia Cuervo, Porfidio Single Barrel Anejo, Sauza Tres Generaciones, Centinela Anejo and Antigue Anejo 1800 de Cuervo.



      Reposada means "rested in wood". Tequila Reposada has been aged from two months to one year in wood and is known for imparting a full flavor, light gold color, and a mellow smoothness. This type of tequila is generally less expensive than Anejo Tequila.

      Examples of reposada include El Tesoro de Don Filipe, Don Augustin, Las Vallientes, Centenario, Corralejo, Cuervo Tradicional Reposada, Cuervo 1800 and Herradura Gold Reposada.



      Plata Tequila is a silver tequila, never aged in wood, and known for it's pure taste, clear color, and long, clean finish.

      Examples of Plata Tequila include El Tesoro, Herradura Silver, Dos Reates, Don Julio Plata, Patron Silver and Sauza Especial Tequila Blanco.


    • MESCAL

      Mescal is the same as tequila but is not made in the official Tequila region near Guadalajara. Mescal is grown and distilled in the Oaxaca region in southern Mexico.

      Examples of Mescal include Encantado Mezcal, Monte Alban, Santo Domingo, Chichicaps, San Luis del Rio and Minero.

    Want to have fun at a party? Become a tequila expert. The girls will love ya!



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