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    Remember in the movie "Titanic' where all the first class passengers were on the upper decks quietly sipping their Scotch, while the folks down in Steerage were whooping it up and really having a good time? In downtown Cancun it's your chance to dance, party and get crazy...with no worries about what anyone else thinks. Just have fun!

    There is no question that the majority of the out-of-control night action in Cancun takes place in the clubs located on Cancun Island. Hence the cover charges, the long lines to get in, and the crowds once you do get in.

    Downtown Cancun is different. The restaurants and drinking establishments are not gigantic, but they are definately fun. And what they lack in size they more than make up for in service. Carlos Fiesta has had some of his best times in Cancun while out howeling around in downtown Cancun.

    95% of the people who visit Cancun never even see downtown Cancun. If you are adventurous and want to experience restaurants and nightclubs without having to wait in line, downtown Cancun has your name on it.


    • BAR GIBS

      Telephone 011-52 (998) 887-2395.
      Located at Tulum Avenue 185 in downtown Cancun.



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 884-3218.
      Located at Uxmal 26 in downtown Cancun.
      Bohemian musica!


    • GIBBS

      Telephone 011-52 (998) 887-2396.
      Located at Tulum 185 in downtown Cancun.
      Rockola...yah, baby!



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 884-4332.
      Located at Sayil 9 in downtown Cancun.
      Musica romantica solomente pare Ustedes y su novia.



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 884-1607.
      Located at 30 Coba Avenue in downtown Cancun.
      Bohemian music mix!



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 884-2280.
      Located at 89 Coba Avenue in downtown Cancun.
      Taped rock and roll for your listening pleasure.



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 884-7503.
      Located at 13 Tulum Avenue in downtown Cancun.
      Disco, disco and more disco!



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 883-0731.
      Located in the commercial zone in downtown Cancun.


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