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    Keeping a sharp eye on ecology and the future of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Mexican government has set aside a very special piece of real estate south of Cancun. The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve was established in 1986 as a result of the efforts of many hard working people, and shortly thereafter was incorporated into the World Network of Biosphere reserves of UNESCO.

    The goal was to preserve much of the Yucatan's natural wonders, while recognizing the economic and social needs of the local people. And it seems to be working. Hunting, logging, agriculture, and cattle ranching have all been recognized in the plan, as has tourist development and wildlife.

    The biosphere reserve has a nucleus area, which is limited to conservation and scientific investigation only. Also a buffer zone lies adjacent to the nucleus as a part of the land where people may live and use the land in a regulated way. This concept recognizes that economic development and conservation are equally important, and can coexist successfully.

    For the tourist, Sian Ka'an is a unique opportunity to appreciate a portion of the Yucatan Peninsula that is still relatively unspoiled. The biosphere starts south of Cancun just below Tulum, and runs south along the coast for 100 kilometers. Probably the best way to experience a piece of this special area is to take the dirt road south of Tulum towards Punta Allen.

    The tourist activities of the Mayan Coast are left behind as one traverses this ragged stretch of coastline road, with a new deserted beach at every turn. There are a few remote beachfront resorts along this road, but don't expect any 5 star resorts here. This is the jungle road you have always dreamed about!

    For more information on Sian Ka'an you can write to: Amigos de Sian Ka'an, Apto Postal 770, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 77500.

    And For more information on-line check out SIAN-KA'AN BIOSPHERE RESERVE by the Amigos!

    If you are interested ion finding out more about the wonderful Manatee living in these waters drop by the SAVE THE MANATEE web site.


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