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    Each year more people choose to tie the knot in Cancun! It's hard to find a more beautiful place to get married, and you can't beat Cancun's recreation options once the wedding reception is over.

    Cancun's location is perfect for friends and family who want to fly down from either coast or the central states in the U.S. And the weather is nice all year long!

    A wedding is one of those events when going the extra mile can create memories that will last a lifetime. It's a great way to start a new life for the bride and groom!

    Questions to consider when planning a Cancun wedding include:

    • How much time can you dedicate for the trip to Cancun?
    • What is the total budget available for the complete wedding?
    • Will the time of the year you are planning the wedding allow most of your guests to make the trip?
    • What time of day will allow for the greatest likelihood of good weather during the wedding and reception?
    • Do you want some or all of the wedding guests to stay in the same accommodations you are staying in?
    • Does everyone in the wedding party and all guests have the necessary documentation to enter Mexico?
    • What type of venue do you want for the wedding and/or reception (beach / ballroom / miscellaneous location)?
    • Do you want to handle the arrangements personally or have an on-site professional provide this service?

    It can be helpful to provide a short list of hotels (regular and all-inclusive) when you sent out wedding invitations. Some Mexican hotels will provide a room discount for large groups and it can be helpful to include that information with the invitation.

    Guests also appreciate a list of airline options and telephone numbers so they can search for the best rates for their particular group.

    And of course it's always a good idea to include the address of a good web site about Cancun so they can get a feel for the area before they arrive in Cancun. "www.cancunexpo.com" is a good place to start!

    Web www.cancunexpo.com
    www.mexicoexpo.com www.bajaexpo.com


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