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    The small country of Belize is located on the south end of the Yucatan Peninsula, and for many travelers Cancun is one of the most popular gateways to Belize.

    Belize is located approximately 330 miles south of Cancun, and offers everything from deserted island getaways to wild jungles and rivers.

    Travelers can get to Belize from Cancun either by air or by car. For those looking for a true adventure, renting a car in Cancun and driving down is the only way to go (if you have the time).

    Carlos Fiesta and his buddies did the drive trip from Cancun to Belize, and it was awesome! They rented a VW van at the Cancun Airport, took out the middle bench seat a put a cooler full of ice and cold beers in its place. Time for a road trip!

    Driving to Belize from Cancun is a pretty simple operation. There are actually two driving options. The most common route is to hit the northern Belize border just west of Chetumal. It's a good road all the way down.

    For those with the the thicker spirit of adventure (i.e. Mr. Fiesta), it is possible to get to the island of Ambergris Cay in Belize by driving the eastern unimproved Caribbean road south to the very end, and then renting a panga in Xcalak to cross through the mangroves separating Mexico from Belize.

    It's about a 40 minute boat ride from Xcalak, and a real adventure! After getting off the boat, your skipper will walk you to Customs to get your passport stamped. From that point you are on your own to explore this tasty island.

    The sand streets of Ambergris Cay are about as quaint as you are going to find in the Yucatan area. This is the sleepy Caribbean village you dreamed about...Paradise!



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