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    Just like people from most other parts of the world, Mexicans love their holidays. Many of these holidays were established for religious reasons, some for political recognition, and others were established for not much more than a good excuse to party.

    Although it is interesting to note these holidays and their relationships to the Mexican culture, it is also important to understand that some of these holidays can be favorite vacation times for the local people and other travelers.

    Hotels in Cancun can be jammed during some of these holidays and finding empty seats on airlines who service Cancun can also be difficult. If you don't like crowds you might want to avoid scheduling your Mexico getaway around the busier holidays.

    Cancin's busiest holidays include Holy Week (the week before and up to Easter Sunday) and Christmas Week (the week between Christmas and up to New Year's Day). Since these are also U.S. holidays most resorts in Mexico are very crowded during these holidays.

    It is also a good idea to be aware of the many U.S. holidays when planning a trip to Mexico. Many gringos travel to Mexico on the 3 and 4 day holiday weekends, as well as the extended holiday periods.

    Popular U.S. holidays include President's Day Weekend (late February ~ 3 to 4 days), Spring Break (late February - Early March ~ two weeks), Memorial Day Weekend (late May ~ 3 to 4 days), Independence Day Weekend (early July ~ 3 to 4 days), Labor Day Weekend (early September ~ 3 to 4 days), Veteran's Day Weekend (early November ~ 3 to 4 days), Thanksgiving Day Weekend (late November ~ 4 - 5 days), Christmas Break (late December ~ two weeks).

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      1ST ~ New Year's Day
      Beginning of the new year, most businesses are closed and schools are out.
      An official government holiday.

      6TH ~ Dia de los Santos Reyes
      Children receive gifts on this day instead of Christmas Day.
      Not an official holiday.



      2ND ~ Dia de la Candelaria.
      Candlelight processions and celebrations in many towns throughout Mexico.
      Not an official holiday.

      5TH ~ Constitution Day
      The day Mexicans celebrate their Constitution.
      An official government holiday.

      24TH ~ Flag Day
      A day to show patriotism towards the Mexican flag.
      An official government holiday.

      The beginning of Lent. Similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio.
      Not an official government holiday.

      Holy Week
      The week before Easter. One of Mexico's biggest holiday periods, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter.
      Not an official government holiday.


    • MARCH

      21ST ~ Birthday of Benito Juarez, a popular President of Mexico's past.
      An official government holiday.


    • MAY

      1ST ~ Primero de Mayo
      Recognizing the common worker in Mexico like the U.S. Labor Day.
      An official government holiday.

      5TH ~ Cinco de Mayo
      Celebrating Mexico's victory over the French army in 1862.
      An official government holiday.

      10TH ~ Mother's Day
      Celebrating moms!
      Not an official government holiday.


    • JUNE

      1ST ~ Navy Day
      Recognizing the Mexican Navy.
      An official government holiday.


    • AUGUST

      21ST ~ Carlos Fiesta's birthday.
      For those looking for an excuse to party.
      Not an official government holiday.



      16TH ~ Independence Day
      Commemorating the beginning of Mexico's war of independence from Spain.
      An official government holiday.



      12TH ~ Dia de la Raza
      Commemorating Columbus' discovery of the New World and the founding of the Mexican people.
      An official government holiday.



      1ST ~ Informe Presidencial
      President's State of the Nation address to the legislature.
      An official government holiday.

      2ND ~ Day of the Dead.
      The souls of the departed are believed to return to earth and this is a reason to party and visit graveyards.
      Not an official government holiday.

      20TH ~ Revolution Day
      Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.
      An official government holiday.



      12TH ~ Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
      Our Lady of Guadalupe is Mexico's national patroness.
      Not an official government holiday.

      16-24 ~ Posadas
      Parades that commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.
      An official government holiday.

      25TH ~ Navidad - Christmas Day
      Celebration the birth of Jesus Christ.
      Not an official government holiday.


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