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    Bringing children to Cancun can add plenty of joy to your trip, but along with the extra fun is extra responsibility.

    This is a good example where just a little information can go a long way towards making your visit safer and more enjoyable.

    Kids love Cancun and Cancun loves kids! There are plenty of things for kids to do in Cancun, as you can see by surfing the Cancun Expo web site. Water parks, theme parks, great beaches and pools, water sports...the list goes on.

    The Mexican culture appreciates children of all ages and they are welcome and appreciated just about anywhere in the country. But before heading to Mexico with the rugrats in tow there are a few things to keep in mind.

    A very important rule to follow involves the bringing of a child to Mexico (anyone under 18 years of age) by only one parent. If there are two parents for the child it is important to bring along a notarized letter of permission from the parent that had to stay home and miss all the fun, allowing the child to travel into the country.

    The same holds true for minors who travel to Mexico with adults other than their parents. Both parents must sign and notarize a letter giving permission for the supervising adult to bring the minor into and out of the country.

    This letter is also a good format for the children's parents to provide permission for the supervising adult to make emergency medical decisions on behalf of the minor in the event that the children's parents cannot be reached. Including the parent's contact numbers on this letter is another good idea.

    Just like adults, children must be properly documented to visit Mexico. Children under 2 years of age should travel with an original birth certificate or a certified copy of an original (raised or colored seal).

    Children 2 years old and older will also need a Tourist Card when traveling beyond the border tourist zones. Information on obtaining a Tourist Card and requirements for travelers can be reviewed in the TOURIST CARD section of Cancun Expo.

    When travelling to Mexico by air or cruise ship this documentation is usually checked very thoroughly by the ticket people. Don't plan on getting past the gate with children unless these necessary travel documents are with you.

    When traveling by vehicle this documentation is more loosely reviewed, although no less required. Traveling southbound in Mexico visitors are usually not asked for documentation unless there is some type of an accident. Traveling northbound the authorities are more prone to check for proper documentation.

    Speaking of children...most kids get so excited about having fun while on vacation that they completely forget about sunburn prevention. This is one more responsibility to add to the parent check list. For good information on skin protection while visiting Mexico drop by the SUNSCREEN TIPS section of Mexico Expo.

    Looking for a creative way to spend time with the kids while travelling in Mexico? Having them learn a little Spanish is a great way to pass the traveling time, and will help them learn something new and constructive in the process. A DOGGIE BAG OF SPANISH is a great primer for the kids!

    Once they have mastered their basic Spanish you can graduate them onto another fun project...PAYING WITH PESOS. It's a lot easier to understand pesos than you think!

    To summarize it pays to do a little homework when bringing kids into Mexico and Cancun. But the rewards far surpass the work involved and the end result is a fun trip and more peace of mind.

    For information on bringing Fluffy and Fido south of the border drop by the TAKING PETS TO CANCUN section of Cancun Expo.

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