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    The Yucatan Peninsula if full of Mayan archiological treasures, some of them are small in stature, others large. Some of them minor in importance, some of them major. Some may never hear about, and some you will hear about time and time again, such as Chichen-Itza.

    Chichen-Itza is one of the most spectacular archeological finds on the Yucatan Peninsula. The pyramids, observatory, and ancient sports-courts are a marvel to experience. If you have seen posters or photographs of pyramids is Mexico there's a good chance the pictures were of Chichen-Itza.

    From Cancun Chichen-Itza is usually planned as a full day excursion. It can be a good two to three hour trip getting there from Cancun, and another two to three hours getting back to Cancun. Weather and traffic are the two main variables.

    Regular bus tours can be obtained in Cancun, and driving in by rental car is also an option for those who feel comfortable taking a road trip in a strange and jungled land. Either way, its an experience not soon to be forgotten!

    Carlos Fiesta reluctantly made his first trip to Chichen-Itza as an excursion from the Club Med back in the days when there were only 3 other hotels on Cancun Island! The bus ride was long and hot, but the majesty of the destination was an unforgetable memory and well worth the trip. It was certainly a better option than spending one more day lazing on the beach trying to pick up girls.

    It's best to plan a trip to Chichen-Itza in advance. Once you have a general idea of your itinery in Cancun, pick a day that allows you enough time to relax and unwind before heading off on the all day adventure. The trip to Chichen-Itza can be booked at the front desk or travel agency at most hotels.



      Telephone 011-552 (998) 883-3583 * 011-52 (98) 83-1963.
      E-mail: shuttle@mail.sybcom.com.
      Located at the Playa Tortugas terminal, next to Fat Tuesday in the Hotel Zone.
      First class round-trip transportation to the ruins, including drinks, entry fee, and guide.



      E-mail: welcome@cancun.com.
      Chichen Itza tours, Rio Lagartos tours, and Yucatan Peninsula Tours.
      All tours are offered in smaller quality groups in comfortable passenger vans.
      Check out their web site for more information!



      Telephone (888) 882--9470.
      011-52 (998) 923-4020.
      Fax 011-52 (998) 923-4000.
      E-mail: hacienda@mda.com.mx.
      Located between Chichen-Itza and Uxmal on the Merida to Cancun Highway at km. 26.
      A high quality 17th century Spanish Colonial Hacienda located in a jungle paradise setting!



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 887-2450.
      Fax 011-52 (998) 887-2438.
      E-mail: mayaland@diario1.sureste.com.
      Number of rooms and suites: 115.
      Garden setting / pool / meeting rooms / horseback riding / tours available.



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 851-0115.
      Fax 011-52 (998) 851-0114.
      Located at km. 118 off of the Cancun-Merida Highway.
      Baths with hot water / fans / air conditioning / restaurant / bar / pool / camping / 800 meters to ruins.



      Telephone / Fax 011-52 (998) 851-0122.
      Located off the Merida-Cancun road, Km. 118, Chichen Itza.
      Air conditioning / color TV / restaurant / bar / pool / private baths / one mile from ruins.



      Telephone 011-52 (998) 823-6444.
      Located in Merida.
      Air conditioning / coffee shop / color TV / telephone / pool / restaurant / bar / travel agency.

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